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How To Get Listings In Real Estate WITHOUT Dropping Your Commission



If you want to learn how to get listings in real estate over, I-buyers, flat fee offerings, and other "alternative" options,  you might want to take a second look at the menu of services you offer.  Real estate agents are losing listings everyday, but the good news is, this is a HUGE opportunity to capitalize of the situation if you are willing to.

And YES... to compete you must be willing to change your prior ways and try something new to differentiate your brand because an MLS listing and a sign in the yard is no longer going to seal the deal.  People expect more and truth is they can get it, so the REAL question becomes are you willing to change with it?

I want you to take a step outside your own business and look at other industries who changed or were taken out because of interruption.  They either adapt or die. This is where I believe the real estate industry is at today.


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