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Everyone Is Trying To Take The Real Estate Agent Out Of The Equation

The way real estate has been bought or sold has changed more in the last 5-10 years than in the previous 50.  We cannot necessarily control the trends, but we can adapt to them.

In recent years have seen all kinds of interruptors from flat fee services to "more convenient" seller listing solutions that are making consumers question the value of a real estate agent.

There's no doubt big business is trying to capitalize on the turning the traditional model on its head, but with increased competition comes innovation, and that's the opportunity!

We believe the principles taught in this course is the BIG Opportunity to SHIFT with the trends and take advantage of them.

Real estate agents have an opportunity to adapt and take advantage of the situation by adapting a listing model with multiple seller options.  There isn't a one size fits all answer for how people should sell their property, but there is a strategy to offer several options. 

Ultimately if you want to start attracting more seller clients, you need to start marketing solutions to their problems vs. the servicing you offer no differently than the interruptors are doing.  The information in the training will teach you how to craft your current listing strategy and then adapt a marketing plan around it to attract more listings.


Mike Cuevas- The Real Estate Marketing Dude

I've never seen a better marketing opportunity than what is out there RIGHT now!  Everyone is trying to take agents out of business, but by simply turning the tables on everything that is being thrown at the industry isn't that difficult.   Redefine your offering and take them head on.  

No matter what market you are located in, there is a HUGE opportunity to out market the competition.  The best part is that it's not alot of work, but it is a pivot.

Mike Cuevas is the CEO of Real Estate Marketing Dude which is a personal branding & video marketing company for real estate agents, lenders, and investors.

Dustin Defrates- CEO GeoPoint Data, Real Estate Investor, Broker Owner

Dustin is a serial entrepreneur in Scottsdale, AZ who has years of experience in real estate investing and marketing.   Dustin has purchased and disposed of hundreds of properties through marketing to motivated sellers.  

As a licensed real estate agent, Dustin saw an opportunity in alternative seller solutions for many of the "leads" he was generating and Listing Advocate was born.