Give Sellers More Listing Options To Choose From

The Training, Marketing, & Resources To Redefine Your Listing Strategy And Establish A Unique Selling Proposition Sellers Want & Nobody Has

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Redefine Your Listing Approach

Owner Advocate Gives You The Strategy, Marketing, & Resources To Start Offering Sellers More Options To Choose From


What's Included?

Step 1: The Training

  • Instant access to Owner Advocate Certification Training
  • Instant Access To Sales Mastery Training
  • Ongoing calls, webinars, private Facebook group for support
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Step 2: Marketing & Conversion Tools 

  • White Labeled Multiple Option Seller Listing Presentation
  • Website images & explainer videos to explain your process
  • Social media library, motivated seller marketing and swipe files.
  • Owner Advocate Website & Seller Lead Capture Widget (optional)
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Step 3: Offer Submission Widget To Retrieve Offers

  • Generate several offers from local i-buyers and investors within 24-72 hours
  • Owner Advocate listing comparison net sheet
  • Convert more listings this this listing presentation tool
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Step 4: Motivated Seller Leads & Marketing Services (Optional)

  • Purchase cash offer request leads in your market
  • Participate In Owner Advocate Referral Model
  • Ongoing coaching/training provided
  • Motivated seller mastermind calls and ongoing training
Do You Want to See How It Works?
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The Listing Strategy That Gives Realtors An Unfair Advantage Over Their Competition

Start Attracting More Listings With Multiple Seller Options


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