Stand Out & Convert More Listings With Multiple Listing Options

The Training, Tools, & Marketplace To Start Offering Sellers Multiple Property Selling Options

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What Makes Listing With You Different?

Modernize Your Listing Strategy & STAND OUT From The Competition With Owner Advocate

How The Owner Advocate Helps You Attract & Convert More Listings

The Owner Advocate gives you the training, marketing tools, and system to start offering sellers multiple listing options immediately.


What's Included With The Listing Advocate System?

Step 1: The Training

  • Instant access to 5 Training modules, 58 video tutorials
  • Build multiple seller listing marketing plans
  • Modernize your listing strategy
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Step 2: Marketing Tools To Explain How It Works

  • White Labeled Multiple Option Seller Listing Presentation
  • Website images & explainer videos to explain your process
  • Social media library, motivated seller marketing and swipe files.
  • Owner Advocate Website & Seller Lead Capture Widget
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Step 3: Offer Submission Widget To Retrieve Offers

  • Generate several offers from local i-buyers and investors within 24-72 hours
  • Owner Advocate listing comparison net sheet
  • Lifetime Access for offer submission tool
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