How To Get Listings In Real Estate WITHOUT Dropping Your Commission



If you want to learn how to get listings in real estate over, I-buyers, flat fee offerings, and other "alternative" options,  you might want to take a second look at the menu of services you offer.  Real estate agents are losing listings everyday, but the good news is, this is a HUGE opportunity to capitalize of the situation if you are willing to.

And YES... to compete you must be willing to change your prior ways and try something new to differentiate your brand because an MLS listing and a sign in the yard is no longer going to seal the deal.  People expect more and truth is they can get it, so the REAL question becomes are you willing to change with it?

I want you to take a step outside your own business and look at other industries who changed or were taken out because of interruption.  They either adapt or die. This is where I believe the real estate industry is at today.

People don't care what you charge, they care that it's was justified.

Realtors have more competition than any other time in our industry's history. and the question is: what are you going to do about it?

I wrote an article 6 years ago and used this source from Inman as I was starting to notice the consumer shift at that time.  I recall my commission getting questioned more by my clients on both the buy and sell side of transactions.

Buyers were beginning to ask for rebates and sellers for ask discounts more frequently than any other time I could recall in my career. 

Here is a pic of In August of 2015 Inman News article citing the largest threats to the real estate industry.


They were;

  1. Low Quality Agents
  2. A Poor Consumer Real Estate Experience
  3. Entry Into the Industry by Non-Industry Companies

Were they right?  They were right on the money.  

What Does This Mean?

It means adapt or die. This means how to get listings in real estate will change if we don't do something to change with it.  We cannot control consumer demand, but we must listen to it.  I'm not saying this to scare you, I'm telling you because it's a huge advantage if you adapt what I'm about to tell you.

Learning how to compete against the "competition" is very simple. They will never have the relationship you have with your clients, which is your unfair advantage.

So why don't you just match your competition's offering offering, work with them, or beat their offering?



How Do I Reposition?

Sellers don't buy your services, they buy the solutions you offer.  The only thing the "competition" has done was create more convenient solutions to selling a house. In most cases they are not less expensive, but more expensive, however they offer a convenience the market has never seen before.

If you want to know how to get more listings in real estate, the answer is pretty simple; start offering more solutions for sellers.

Sellers want you to sell their house, but on their terms. There isn't a one size fits all answer for every seller, but there is a solution. 

If you were selling your house and you are given multiple options to do so, what would you think?   

If we want to compete against the Zillow's, rebate/flat fee offerings, or cash offers,  you must create an offering that is much more attractive than the one place you are offering now, especially if you don't have multiple listing options.  Offering only one level of service is like going to a farmers market and they only sell corm there.  People love optionality.

Would you really care which option they would choose if you got paid the same on each? 

Here are 6 options most agents can start offering their clients anywhere in the US:

How To Get Listings In Real Estate: Offer More Seller Options

  1. Instant Cash Offer- For the seller whose property needs lots of work or they need a very quick close.
  2. Fix & List- For the the seller who thinks their house is worth more than it really is.
  3. Trade In Offer- For the seller who is buying and selling at the same time or does not want to go through the traditional sales process of showings, etc.
  4. Sell & Stay- For the seller who wants to cash out, but doesn't have anywhere to go right now. Maybe they are relocating or in financial constraints.
  5. Reverse Mortgage- For the senior citizens who have equity in their house, but no income and want to age in place or resize their home.
  6. Listing Options
    1. Flat Fee- For sellers that don't  "want to pay"
    2. Full Service- For seller that really want top dollar.

How To Get Real Estate Listings: Put Your Marketing In Front Of The Right People Everywhere

In addition to creating a more attractive listing offering, imagine all the ways you can market it? It's much easier to market a solution than it is to pitch your services.

Why do so many real estate investors seem to get seller leads, but real estate agents struggle to find listings?  It's because investors know how to get listings in real estate by putting their solution (cash offer) in front of the right people (targeting).

The secret to learning how to get listings in real estate is all about having the right offer, or offers, and putting it in front of the right people who need your solution(s). 

That's a whole other article so stay tuned to this blog if you like the information here.  If you really liked the information here, and are interested in learning more about how you  begin offering multiple listing options in your then you might want to check out our FREE masterclass.

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