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What Sellers Want In A Real Estate Agent

What do sellers REALLY want from their Real Estate Agent? What sellers want in a real estate agent isn't what it used to be.

Yes, they expect you to have good service and be honest, but what do they really expect?

I remember being in Denver for a marketing conference around 2014 and I had lunch with a guy who just recently sold his house.  So I started asking him about his experience with his agent and the selling process as I was putting this original blog post together.

Don't Sell Me Bro
Let's just say that he didn't like his agent too much.  At the time, the market was hot and things were selling within days so as soon as the property was listed on the MLS, it sold right away much like it is in recent years.

What was he mad about?

He wasn't mad, he was pissed.  He couldn't understand why he was paying 6% in commission for a Realtor who literally didn't do much to sell the house other that list it in the MLS, Put A Sign In The Yard. The seller knew it!

So I...

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